DigiSonic is a company specialized in retractable TV lifts and mounts in general

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With our motorized mounts you can hide your TV or your audio/video device in a cabinet or in any furniture.

Thanks to our solutions, architects and designers will finally be able to design spaces without worrying about the TV and other multimedia device placement.

We produce different motorized mounts, perfect to be hidden in a cabinet or in any furniture, under the bed, above the ceiling, in and on the wall or under the floor.

Each mount is carefully handcrafted to ensure the best quality for our clients.

Of course we can also customize each product according to your exigencies and desires.

Just about anywhere you can hide a TV, we can figure out how to do it with one of our motorized TV lifts.

Technological innovation is developed by our valid technician and engineer team, always looking for new ideas and solutions and ready to meet every request of this market, which is becoming more and more exigent.

IWe are very proud that the most prestigious Italian car manufacturer of the world chose us to install its customized motorized mounts.

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